Upcoming Events

Prior Events

  • do 22 sep.
    Membership Offer
    22 sep. 18:30
    The Golden Stork , Bierkade 22
    Beer pong, twister, cheap beers, cheap snacks – we have it all at the ASTUS game night this Thursday.
  • do 22 sep.
    22 sep. 17:00
    Room 3.60, Wijnhaven
    The GA is the place to be as an ASTUS member – here we reflect on past activities, discuss and announce the most important future events, vote for major ASTUS decisions and, in general, make sure every single member has a say.
  • wo 14 sep.
    14 sep. 19:00 CEST
    Room 3.48, Wijnhaven
    A million ways to die in the west
  • 13 sep. 14:45 CEST
    Pelargos Noat House @ Haagse Hogeschool, Cruquiuskade 10, 2521 EA Den Haag, Netherlands
    Row, row, row your boat at this exclusive rowing event with Pelargos!
  • zo 28 aug.
    Multiple Dates
    28 aug. 14:00 – 18:00
    Lola's Bikes & Coffee, Noordeinde 91, 2514 GD Den Haag, Netherlands
    We currently have a collaboration with Lola's Bikes and Coffee. Are you interested to join? Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, we have an ASTUS gardening meeting at Lola's Bikes and Coffee located at Noordeinde 91, The Hague.
  • 03 jun. 17:00
    Zuiderstrand, Strandslag 10
    Hello there, we are hosting an end of the year ASTUS event for all Urban Studies students. We kindly ask you to bring cans of preferred drinks to play a flunky / beer ball tournament. We are going to meet at 15.00 at a location at Zuiderstrand, around strandslag 10.
  • do 12 mei
    Multiple Dates
    12 mei 19:00 – 23:00
    Café Koos, Boekhorststraat 58, 2512 CS Den Haag, Netherlands
  • 06 mei 15:00 – 17:00
    Wijnhaven, room 3.48, Turfmarkt 99, 2511 DC Den Haag, Netherlands
    Lecture by Dr. Valdivia Rivera
  • za 23 apr.
    23 apr. 14:00
    Location is TBD
    Dear all, because it is the king's birthday on the 27th of April, so we are hosting a special event the Saturday the 23rd of April. Entry is free, it is most likely going to be in a public place. Feel free to hang out, eat some snacks, have some drinks and play some oerhollandse games!
  • 22 apr. 17:00
    Location is TBD
    💬📚In the next critical urbanists session on Friday the 22nd of April we want to discuss ( Anti-) Racism in urbanism. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 🚶🚲🚶‍♀️We will take the dangers of redesigning streets in a pedestrian-friendly manner without diverse public input as a starting point.
  • 21 apr. 17:00 – 19:00
    Wijnhaven 2.02, Turfmarkt 99, 2511 DC Den Haag, Netherlands
    Dr. Strava is a social anthropologist, trained at Harvard (BA) and SOAS, University of London (MARes, PhD), with a broad interest in urban spaces and the forces that shape our lives in and around them.
  • 18 apr. 12:00
    Clingendael, Clingendael, Wassenaar, Netherlands
    For our second Dinner&Cooking event, we will host an Easter picnic at park Clingendael on the 18th of April at 12h (if weather permits). It will be potluck style where each person brings a meal, which is then shared among the group. You can sign up until Monday, 11th April.
  • wo 06 apr.
    06 apr. 17:00 – 19:00
    Propolis, Beehive Student Center
  • wo 16 mrt.
    16 mrt. 17:30
    Wijnhaven 3.54, Turfmarkt 99, 2511 DC Den Haag, Nederland
    On the 16th of March at 5:30PM, we are going to host our first ever ASTUS General Assembly. All members are welcome to join us to discuss and vote on some of the important decisions that would make our study association even better!
  • 03 mrt. 17:30
    Wijnhaven 3.60
    The Critical Urbanists are inviting you to join a guest talk by Dr. Kefford on the 3rd of March, at 17:30!
  • 24 feb. 17:00
    Beehive ESN Common Room , Turfmarkt 104, 2511 DC Den Haag, Netherlands
    After the success of the first field trip in The Hague, the field trip committee is organizing their second official trip on Thursday, 24th of February to watch "The Hague Highlights" show in the centre of the city 🎆
  • za 19 feb.
    19 feb. 19:00 – 22:00
    Café Koos, Boekhorststraat 58, 2512 CS Den Haag, Netherlands
    Hello y'all! After our successful pub quiz, we are organizing another borrel at our lovely Café Koos! Come and grab a beer with us for only €2.50 a bottle.
  • 10 feb. 18:00
    Propolis (4th Floor), Beehive, Turfmarkt 104, 2511 DC Den Haag, Netherlands
    Dear critical urbanists, we hope you had a nice break, and had some time to recharge!💛 Just a little reminder: out first Soft City discussion meeting will take place on Thursday the 10th of February, at 18.00. We meet in Beehive, in the Propolis room on the 4th floor.