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ASTUS is the study association of Urban Studies at Leiden University. We are still a very young and developing study association, therefore we are hoping our community will keep growing each year!

With ASTUS we want to strengthen the community, organise events, guest lectures, parties, discussion groups, running dinners, field trips etc. Of course, all your ideas and suggestions are welcome! We will need your support in the form of energy, time and creativity. Moreover, we have introduced memberships with a fee of €12 per year. That money will enable us to organise bigger events and small benefits like free drinks. We are also working on discounts for members.

Having said that we are a study association, does not mean that other studies cannot join this association. Do our collectives spark your interest? You are more than welcome to become a member of ASTUS! 

Or are you interested in supporting a growing community of urban youngsters? There is also a possibility to donate! Click here

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